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About Ritzy


These are the words used when asked about our DJ’s. Ritzy believes the DJ makes or breaks the event and this is why all our teams are specially trained and have years of experience before they become a Ritzy DJ. It’s the performance on the day that counts and our DJ’s have the skills needed to make your event memorable. Besides having the best DJ’s we also have seriously confident MC’s. There is nothing worse than having a host that doesn’t have the flare and energy to get people up and dancing. Altogether we have the ability to create an electrifying atmosphere and have excellent crowd interaction skills, with a huge database of music to cater for every unique taste.

Why Choose Us

our process

Our meticulous attention to detail, collaborative approach, and commitment to exceeding expectations ensure an unforgettable experience every time.”


Lets put our heads together. We would love to have your input towards your Dream Day.


Now let our design team work their magic so you can get a full 3D visualization of your event.


Time to sit back and watch our team turn your dreams into reality. Let the show begin.

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Join us as we collaborate with industry-leading vendors and venues to create seamless, extraordinary events that leave a lasting impression.